Proton Gaming welcome Sledgren to the team.

Proton Gaming, the world’s first esports team to share its winnings with its supporters via digital currency, is incredibly excited to announce our latest pro-player signing!

Priding ourselves on top-tier, talented players, Proton Gaming has focused on signings who bring skilled play and content creation talent. This signing absolutely checks all of those boxes.

Whether he is in the studio creating godlike music and sound, or on the stream mixing opponents in MK 11, if you check him out you’re sure to be entertained!

Please join us in welcoming multi-platinum selling, Grammy-Nominated Music Producer and FGC Button-Masher extraordinaire, Sledgren (@ImSledgren) to the Proton Gaming Family!

Sledgren’s name rings out on various fronts amongst his fans and he is also a prominent and active figure in the Fighting Games Community. He will primarily represent Proton Gaming in Mortal Kombat 11 competitions but also other game titles of his choosing.

Proton Gaming is very excited to support Sledgren and expand his brand throughout the esports landscape.

Proton Gaming fans should be extremely excited about the integration of Sledgren’s existing community/fan base, playing skills and content creation capabilities into the Proton scene!

Look for Sledgren to take part in upcoming MK11 Kompetitions with Proton Captain, Perfect Legend and Coach Steve!

Welcome, Sledgren, to the Proton Gaming squad!

As always, our thanks to our business partners, Matic Network, Intergalactic Gaming, XSplit, Grinding Coffee and AgentInk for their continued support.

Proton Gaming is a wholly owned subsidiary of LimeJuice Blockchain, Gaming & Esports.